Silver Level

Home Credits

Away Credits

Examples of Service

In addition to independent service, Silver level requires young people to show a level of leadership in their service credits. Silver level recognises a maturity of faith which is expressed in terms of leadership and initiative.

Participants can still serve in groups but take more of a leadership role in their service.

In addition to meeting criteria for Bronze Award, participants should make the best use of their gifts and talents they are called to use in the leading of others for the good of the community. This could involve taking a much more active role in existing parish and school activities.

At Silver level, 20 home credits and 15 away credits are required.



Creating resources for and leading part of a Reflection Point.

Leading youth group sessions in your Parish for young members.

Leading a one-off Children's Liturgy in your Parish.

Organising a fundraising event outside of school/parish.

Independently or part of a smaller group, organise, coordinate and publicise a CAFOD Family Fast Day in School or Parish. It could involve making soup, designing posters, collecting money etc.

Organise and coordinate a drop-off point for your local SVP project of food bank.

Contribute to school/parish/local charity events by speaking about them publicly to an audience, creating a poster, making a PowerPoint presentation etc.

Regularly and over an extended time, participate in a school or parish group, making a contribution to its smooth running e.g. setting out the space, organising/distributing resources.

Take an active part in the Catholic life of the school or parish. E.g. being a playground buddy, supporting children in Children's Liturgy Group, set up an area of prayer in the classroom or school chapel, leading activities for young people younger than you.