Pin - Discovery

At Pin Level, participants will begin a journey of discovering what it means for faith to be active. They will come to know more about how their faith and relationship with God has an outward and visible effect on them and those around them. This level is designed to be completed as a group / class at Year 6 age, instilling the idea of working together as a community. In this way, participants will become aware that others around them are on the same journey of discovery.

Pin Level is for young people of Year 6 age (10/11). It is designed to allow young people to discover how faith shapes lives, thus acting as a stepping stone to the higher award levels. The requirements of Pin Level should fit alongside existing structures within your parish or school and should be undertaken as a class or group.

Having taken early steps in establishing a personal relationship with God, participants begin to see that this relationship has an outward and visible effect upon them and those around them. As they seek to know God better they become aware that others, of all ages, are trying to do the same. This draws us together in community. Seeking to serve the community helps us discover even more about ourselves, each other and God.