Bronze - Service

Participants at Bronze Level take the initial steps in responding to their faith by serving. At this stage, participants will begin to gain a deeper understanding of how faith is interlinked with service. The Bronze Award encourages participants to become involved in their parish / school / wider community, helping them to understand that their faith and action not only makes them belong to / in a community but also makes them responsible for the wellbeing of all others who belong. This leads them into a greater awareness of their own faith and will lead them to ask deeper questions of themselves and of others.

Bronze Level rewards service in faith and helps participants understand how faith binds people together so that they all belong to the community we call the Church. This award level is accessed by young people no younger than Y7 school age. Young people engaged in this level will begin to see that their faith and action not only makes them belong to a community, but take them responsible in some small way for the well-being of all others who belong, too.

To achieve this level, participants need to regularly play a substantive role in school or parish events which show that they understand belonging to community involves responsibility for it and also take a role in events away from their home base. Young people who have achieved Pin Level of the award may wish to carry on the same involvements such as reading and serving in their Parish. However, at this level, young people should be more active in their participation. Award Leaders can encourage young people in being more active.

20 home credits and 10 away credits are required for Bronze level. Young people can start at Bronze level without having achieved Pin level.