Gold Level not only requires ongoing commitment to active service, but innovation. This award promotes new spiritual and personal growth. It rewards a maturity of faith which leads to innovation and development in terms of outreach and missionary work on behalf the Church community. Participants will clearly see the link between their growth and the well-being of those they hope to serve.

To achieve this level, participants must have first completed Silver Level before progressing to Gold. As with every award level progression, more credits of service are required. However, achieving this level requires far more than accruing extra credits of service; Gold Level challenges participants to be true missionary disciples. This is evidenced through a committed approach to regular acts of service and involvement and evidence of innovation and development. As a missionary disciple, some acts of service would have to be done independently outside of existing parish structures for the missionary aspect to really mean something. This could be, for example, taking a leadership role on a Lourdes pilgrimage, organising a charity fundraiser. The individual would be expected to take ownership of these events and organise their involvement appropriately. They would be expected to engage in wider issues surrounding the events in which they are participating and so come to a broader understanding of the Church's call for engagement in the corporal works of mercy.

20 home credits and 20 away credits are required for Gold Level. Participants at Gold Level must have achieved Silver Level first.