Requiring a level of leadership, Silver Level encourages young people to ask themselves "What kind of person do I really want to be?" In answering this question, young people begin to discern their vocation as a gift from God and responding to that gift in faith. As a result of journeying through this award level, participants should realise what they do is a direct consequence of the kind of person they are. It requires more than just 'doing good'. 'Being' good persons shaped by the desire to answer God's call is a different endeavour to 'doing' good things. Participants are challenged to respond to that call.

Silver Level recognises and encourages a maturity of faith which is expressed in terms of leadership and initiative.

If entering the award scheme at this level, young people must show evidence of not only playing an active role in activities, but taking the lead. If following on from bronze level, the service may be shown as development / improving understanding.

20 home credits and 15 away credits are required at Silver Level.