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Away Credits

Examples of Service

These credits are largely gained whilst working as a group/class and the activity is led by a teacher/catechist/youth worker. For pin level, there are no requirements to participate in acts of service outside of the home base. Should you wish to take part in service away from your home base, this would be encouraged. However, you must make sure that your School/Parish Safeguarding procedures are adhered to and children are supervised by an adult.

Active participation in Reflection Points can also be counted as credits of service at Pin level up to 6 credits.



Fundraising in school/parish

Working together on an assembly. This could be on a social issue, campaign or Feast Day.

Putting together charity hampers and Christmas shoeboxes

Full and active participation in the Liturgy (reading, serving, welcoming, at Mass)

Organising a CAFOD Family Fast Day

Mini-Vinnie Projects

Donating to the Backpack Project:

Taking an active part in Reflection points (Max. 6 credits)

Creating Prayer Cards for those in need e.g. housebound, sick, prisoners.

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