Gold Level

Home Credits

Away Credits

Examples of Service

Gold Level involves missionary work, demonstrated by the requirement of equal home and away credits. Young people who strive towards the Gold Award show an extraordinary dedication to their faith, evidenced through their commitment to gaining 40 credits, half of which are away from their home base, but also by the innovative way in which they gain these credits.

In addition to showing leadership qualities in their approach to service, Gold level asks young people to be missionaries in their own communities. The skills and development of faith young people have gained through the preceding levels will aide them in recognising how they can carry out the mission of the Church. This requires young people to be innovative in their service.

As missionaries, participants should reach out into the parish and wider world. This requires young people to serve independently outside of existing school and parish structures.

At Gold level, 20 home credits and 20 away credits are required.



Starting, organising and leading a social action group or prayer group,

Leading youth group sessions in your Parish for young members.

Start a Children's Liturgy group in your parish and show an ongoing commitment to the group.

Organising a fundraising event outside of school/parish.

Take a leadership role in a Lourdes Pilgrimage.

Volunteer to be a school or parish contact for a recognisable Charity e.g. SVP, HCPT, CAFOD etc.

Take a leading role in organising actions intended to support/promote the Catholic life of your school or parish e.g. act as a young person's representative on parish groups, act as youth mentor, encourage other young people to volunteer or play an active part in liturgies.