The Faith in Action is managed at three levels. The Awarding Authority, which is usually a diocese, is the link between CYMFed and those running the award at a local level, in participating organisations. Participating Organisations are schools and parishes running the award. Award Leaders within participating organisations are responsible for the day to day running of the award and the interaction with participants.

In order to launch the award in your parish or a school, the parish or school concerned should register with their local Awarding Authority as a Participating Organisation. Once registered, the Awarding Authority will guide you in running the Award.

The Award is designed to run during an academic year. In order for young people and Award Leaders to get the best out of the Faith in Action Award, it is recommended that the key milestones during that year's programme are provisionally agreed before the process begins. These milestones would normally be:

  • A launch event
  • Reflection points as a group (6 hours in total)
  • Deadline for the completion and submission of the final piece of work
  • Date of, and arrangements for, the final award ceremony.

The Awarding Authority is your main point of contact for support. Recognising that each diocese is different to the next, the Faith in Action Award is flexible to best suit the needs of the schools and parishes in that area. As a result, each Awarding Authority will run the scheme a little differently to others. The Award Leader should liaise closely with the Awarding Authority for arrangements for moderation of the final piece of work and celebration and align timelines accordingly.